About Gartree Division

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New Boundaries for 4 May 2017 election

During 2015 and 2016 the Local Government Boundary Commission for England carried out a review of the 55 county council division boundaries. This is a fairly regular occurrence (every 10 years or so) and is required because of changes in the electorate numbers in various parts of the county. After a couple of consultations, the final decision was made by the LGBCE in the summer of 2016, and this was ratified by Parliament on 8 November 2016.  There are some changes to the Gartree Division which came into effect for the 2017 county county elections on 4th May 2017 and remain in place still.

The changes were: Billesdon Ward To remove the parishes of Billesdon and Frisby and move them into the Launde Division. Tilton Ward: To add the Tugby and Keythorpe parish by removing it from the Launde DivisionKibworth Ward: To remove the parishes of East Langton, Thorpe Langton and West Langton and move them into the Market Harborough East Division.


The new Gartree Division boundaries

Boundary for 2009 and 2013 elections

The GARTREE Division, in south-east Leicestershire (named after the Roman Road), consists of three District Wards: Kibworth, Glen, and Billesdon following the District Boundary changes in 2002, and County Boundary changes of 2004.  Two whole wards: Glenand Kibworth (now including the Langtons) and the southern five parishes of one ward (Billesdon Ward) fall within the Harborough parliamentary constituency (Edward Garnier QC MP) and the remaining eight parishes of the Billesdon Ward (northern parishes) are within the Rutland and Melton parliamentary constituency (Alan Duncan MP). There are twenty-six parishes in the GARTREE Division, making it one of the largest divisions in the County. The electorate (2009) was 10,085.


There are twenty-six (26) Parishes within the current Gartree Electoral Division*: Billesdon; Burton Overy; Carlton Curlieu; Cranoe; East Langton; Frisby; Gaulby; Glooston; Goadby; Great Glen; Illston on the Hill; Kibworth Beauchamp; Kibworth Harcourt; Kings Norton; Little Stretton; Noseley; Rolleston; Shangton; Slawston; Smeeton Westerby; Stonton Wyville; Thorpe Langton; Tur Langton; Welham; West Langton; Wistow Cum Newton Harcourt

* Underlined are Parish Councils, the rest are Parish Meetings