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This site has been created to inform residents in the Gartree Division of the Leicestershire County Council about County Council matters that affect this beautiful area of High Leicestershire, which straddles the Roman Gartree Road, and consists of the Harborough District Council wards of Glen and Kibworth plus parts of the Billesdon and Tilton wards.  The Gartree Division boundaries changed for the 4 May 2017 elections – see here.

MP for Harborough Constituency (now Lord Edward Garnier QC) retired in June 2018, and has now been proposed to become a member of the House of Lords. The Conservative MP since 8 June 2017 election is Neil O’Brien OBE.

To see latest news about:

  • Application 19/00862/OUT Sports & Extra care in Great Glen – click here
  • Neighbourhood Plans – Great Glen, Kibworths etc. – click here
  • 400 more houses proposed for the Kibworths rejected – click here
  • Oaks Road new application for 170 houses Great Glen approved – click here
  • Consultation on merger of two GP practices – click here
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  • Brookfield Gardens in Great Glen Information Event – click here
  • Strategic Growth Plan and Expressway  – click here
  • Unitary Leicestershire Authority – click here
  • Kibworths Neighbourhood Plan Referendum (on 25/01/18) – click here
    • Strategic Housing sites 2014 & 2015 – click here
  • Poor Air Quality & traffic problems on A6 through Kibworth Harcourt (September 2018) – click here
  • Bovis application for 100 houses, London Rd, Great Glen – click here
  • David Wilson Homes – 16/00166/OUT & 18/00268/REM for 195 homes off Fleckney Road – click here
  • Kibworth & Gartree bus services – click here
  • Great Glen crematorium opened March 2017 – click here
  • Warwick Road appeal part of nearly 500 houses in the pipeline for the Kibworths – click here 
  • HDC Housing Options – Kibworth Harcourt SDA could mean thousands of homes – click here
  • Community Partnership Libraries – Kibworth  – click here
  • Boundary changes to Leicestershire County Council Divisions – click here
  • Proposals to close Kibworth fire station stopped – click here
  • Current County Council consultations – click here
  • Road closures in the area – click here
  • Wistow Road 77m high wind turbine appeal dismissed – click here