My objection to 18/01260/OUT (400 houses off Warwick Road)

My objection on HDC website

I am county councillor for the Gartree Division which includes the Kibworth Ward.

I strongly object to this application which in my opinion should not even be considered in the light of the ‘made’ Kibworths Neighbourhood Plan (January 2018) which clearly shows the limits of development and this application is outside of that. Also with the update to NPPF para 14 this falls foul of the clear conditions for refusal which are applicable to this application.

This application is for ‘access only’ and, despite the application description, there is no proposal for access in Kibworth Harcourt parish. Although the application site straddles the two Kibworth parishes, the only proposed accesses are off Warwick Road in Kibworth Beauchamp.

The suggested traffic flows and directions by JPP are farcical. Whatever HDC agreed to for the Miller Homes site east of Warwick Road, very limited traffic from this proposed site will travel along Fleckney Road (have you tried it?) to the A6 and the long queue in peak times at New Road. The vast majority (estimate over 85% from experience) will travel over the single track, traffic light controlled railway bridge on Warwick Road, then Wistow Road to the main A6 roundabout, where the queues at peak times will become even worse. Any traffic then travelling south along the A6 will then have a deleterious effect on the AQMA, as already commented on by HDC Environmental Health. This AQMA is the worst for nitrogen dioxide in Harborough District and reducing the air pollution is a priority not granting approval and allowing yet more traffic to increase the pollution.

There are no proposed pedestrian crossing points over the Warwick Road, so how will school children safely cross to get to this fictional primary school (land only sufficient for 1 form entry when LCC want 2 form entry minimal, and only land, not the build)? How will pedestrians from the site get across the Warwick Road safely without a crossing, to walk to the shops in Kibworth Beauchamp that are well over 1200m away? No pavements are proposed along Warwick Road and Fleckney Road. There is no public right of way through Melbourne Close off the Miller’s estate, and no direct link proposed between the Miller’s estate on Warwick Road and the new David Wilson estate on Fleckney Road.

There are no proposals to improve the railway bridge crossing. It is single track and traffic light controlled and close to the proposed access roundabout to the site which will mean congestion at peak periods. There are no proposals to define or ease these undoubted levels of traffic congestion. Really surprised there are no proposals to widen the railway bridge, with Network Rail agreement. Surprised there are no proposals to consider an option for a bypass for the Kibworths using the Warwick Road and then between Kibworth Beauchamp and Smeeton Westerby; this could provide a major infrastructure benefit to reduce the air polluted AQMA and ease traffic problems on the A6. It would need public consulting on as an option, but why hasn’t it been included? What is being proposed for the Fleckney Road/Warwick Road junction? Where are the detailed drawings ? I am meeting with the LCC Highways officer on Monday 3 September, so may have many more points to add.

I understand HDC now have a 6.9 year housing supply according to the latest NPPF method of calculation, so there is no reason to consider this proposal. It should be refused outright and stop wasting parish and district council time and resources.