Community Partnership Libraries – Kibworth

Latest News – January 2017

KBPC agreed on 17 January 2017 to relinquish their role in the community library ( i.e. acting as the official body that rented the library from Leicestershire County Council, as the Library Management Committee now have a steady income and can manage the future of the library and take on full responsibility.

May 2016

At 2pm on Monday 23 May 2016, the keys for the Kibworth Community Library were handed over by Leicestershire County Council to the Management Committee.  Over 40 volunteers have received training for the preceding week and will be operating a rota with three volunteers in the library when it is open.  There is a Twitter account for the library: @kibcomlibrary1 

This is the 20th community library to be handed over in the county since the library project began.  It is hoped a further 13 will also be handed over to local community groups, and this includes Great Glen library.

January 2016

Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council agreed on 25th January to acquire the lease of Kibworth Library based on the Business Plan and Sustainability Report submitted by the Library Committee, and to authorise the Chairman of the Council to sign the lease documents subject to guidance and approval by the Council’s solicitors.  It is expected that the Library will be handed over the the Kibworth community by June 2016.

October 2015

Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council, having the general powers of competency, have agreed to be responsible for taking over the Kibworth Library.  They registered an interest to Leicestershire County Council in July 2015 and followed this with a business case in early September. This has now been provisionally approved with a few matters still to be clarified.
The Parish Council has set up a Library Committee to work with and support a volunteer group which is drawing up plans to broaden the role of the library into a Parish and Village Information Centre.
Their business plan has been approved by the County Council and they are working up the details for a handover in April 2016.


From 7 April until noon on 7 July 2014 Leicestershire County Council consulted on the future library service. Full details can be found online at: .  Following this consultation the council agreed to:
  • Fund 16 main libraries in market town and shopping centres, but reduce their opening hours
  • Support communities to run 36 local libraries – including Great Glen and Kibworth
  • Provide a 24/7 online library service and a mobile library service

A first round requesting Registrations of Interest from Communities to run their local library undertaken in December – January 2015 resulted in 27 outline business plans being received.

The proposed community partnership library service would enable community groups and organisations to manage their local library supported by the County Council. The library would be staffed and managed by volunteers with support, such as book stock, training and IT maintenance provided by the County Council.

After a number of meetings held in both Great Glen and Kibworth, registrations of interest were submitted for both libraries by village groups (Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council for the Kibworth library). These were reviewed and accepted in mid July 2015.  Both groups now have until early September 2015 to submit outline business cases for approval by the county council.