Warwick Road appeal part of nearly 500 home applications for the Kibworths

Final appeal decision is to approve outline planning – December 2016

The Minister responded to Sir Edward in early December to explain that any intervention might prejudice the eventual outcome and he was confident the Inspector would take all the points into account.  At that stage it was assumed the report would still be issued on 15 December, so surprise all around when it was actually published on 7 December, over a week early.

The Inspector decided to allow the appeal by Manor Oak Homes thereby granting outline permission for up to 110 dwellings (including affordable housing) with associated landscaping, open space, car parking and vehicular and pedestrian access from Warwick Road and a footpath link to Melbourne Close at land to the south-east of Warwick Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire LE8 0JP in accordance with the terms of the application, Ref 15/01153/OUT, dated 29 July 2015. This is subject to a range of conditions.

This decision means that Manor Oak Homes have outstanding outline permissions for 61 houses adjacent to the A6 roundabout, extension of Priory Business Park off Wistow and Warwick Roads, and now 110 houses south of the railway line. When will these outline applications be re-applied for as full applications and the homes and business premises actually start to be built out?

Minister considering recovery of Manor Oaks appeal – 28 November

In a letter to Sir Edward Garnier QC MP dated 28th November, Gavin Barwell, Minister of State for Housing and Planning, has said he will give careful consideration to Sir Edward’s request. He also states that the appeal will not be determined by the appointed Inspector until the question of recovery has been addressed.  This is a positive response and may delay the release of the Inspector’s report scheduled for mid December.

Manor Oaks Homes Appeal for 15/01153 Refusal by HDC


Manor Oak Homes submitted an application for 110 homes on land south of, and adjacent to the Midland Mainline railway, off Warwick Road, Kibworth Beauchamp in July 2015.  Ninety (90) residents and both Kibworth Parish Councils objected, citing a variety of reasons. A petition with over 880 signatures objecting to more development was also handed in to HDC.  HDC planning committee met on 15th December 2015, and refused the application confirming the planning officer’s 2 recommendations for refusal, on the following grounds:

  1. The proposed development, due to the lack of primary education places at Kibworth Church of England Primary School, is contrary to the principles of sustainable development and would be likely to result in unsustainable transport movements by private car. The proposed development is contrary to Core Strategy Policy CS5 and CS12 and The Framework which seeks to facilitate sustainable development and the use of sustainable modes of transport.
  2. The Applicant has failed to demonstrate that their proposal will be in a location where services are readily accessible by sustainable modes of transport. Leicestershire County Council policy contained in the Local Transport Plan 3 & Policy IN6 of the 6Cs Design Guide seeks to deliver new development in areas where travel distances can be minimised, and genuine, safe and high quality choices are available (or can be provided) for people to walk, cycle and use public transport facilities and services nearby. The LTP3 and the 6Cs Design Guide reflects Core Strategy Policies CS5 and CS17 and Government guidance contained in The Framework.

Manor Oak Homes submitted and were granted an appeal on 15th June 2016 (6 months to the date after the application was refused).  A Planning Inspector held a planning inquiry at HDC offices on 1st November for upto 2 days.

CCllr, and chairman of Kibworth Harcourt Parish Council, Kevin Feltham, DCllrs Phil King and Chris Holyoak, Kibworth Neighbourhood Plan, and Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council, chairman Chris Wood and resident Stefan Richter attended and were permitted to give statements of upto 15 minutes.

Pending Developments in the Kibworths as of February 2016

Manor Oak Homes, Barratts and David Wilson Homes are proposing housing planning applications for both the Kibworth villages.

  • 15/00525/OUT – 61 houses off Wistow Road (Manor Oak Homes) – APPROVED by HDC Planning Committee
  • 15/01153/OUT – 110 houses off Warwick Road – alongside the railway line (Manor Oak Homes) – for 15th December planning committee – REFUSED by HDC Planning Committee
  • 15/01398/OUT – upto 100 houses off Wentworth Close (Barratts) – for 15th December planning committee – REFUSED by HDC Planning Committee – longer than 6 months since decision and no appeal lodged.

plus  200 houses off Fleckney Road (David Wilson Homes) – Exhibition at Cricket Club on 2 October 2015 and now an application has been submitted: 16/00166/OUT for 200 homes off Fleckney Road* As of 26th February there had been over 200 objections registered on the HDC planning portal.

TOTAL (to date): 471 houses

* Anticipated HDC planning committee date could be in April, May or June to determine this application

Kibworth Harcourt and Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Councils arranged a public meeting on 25th September 2015 starting at 7pm in the Kibworth Grammar School Hall.  It was chaired by John Hooley, chairman of the Kibworth Neighbourhood Plan Group and some 100 people attended. There was a presentation by Colin Wilkinson, a planning consultant, who outlined the planning policies.  Also available for discussion was the new consultation by HDC on housing options – several of which affect the Kibworths, including two Strategic Development Areas (SDAs) – one north and east of Kibworth Harcourt (including a bypass perhaps with the 1200-2000 houses) and one to the west of the two villages (1200 houses). A separate drop-in surgery was held on 1 October at the cricket club (noon to 7pm) for these options to be discussed with planning officers.