Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments 2014 & 2015

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) for the Harborough District, was published in 2014, and showed 17 sites around the Kibworths, amounting to 635 hectares, which at 30 dwellings per hectare would give just under 20,000 dwellings if all were developed.  In practice, though many of the sites have been assessed as unsuitable for development within the plan period.

A copy of the 2014 SHLAA can be downloaded from  here

In July 2015 an updated draft SHLAA was reviewed by the HDC Local Planning Executive Advisory Panel on 1st July 2015.  The options in the draft document are still to be confirmed before being put out to a public consultation later in 2015.

The draft SHLAA contains more sites around the Kibworths including two Strategic Development Areas (SDA) – one to the west of the Kibworths, and one to the east (with a possible A6 relief road/bypass). Both SDAs would involve at least 1,200 houses each, and for the eastern SDA this number could rise to 3 or 4,000 houses to finance the possible bypass.  At this level of housing development, a new (second) primary school is going to be essential, as the Kibworth Cof E Primary School number on roll is currently approaching 525 children, and although a little more land is available for temporary accommodation on the present site, the maximum number of children that can be accommodated on the current site is 630, which would make it one of the largest in the county.

SHLAA2015 maps 15SHLAA2015 maps 16

The Kibworth School (formerly the High School) is changing age-range this September 2015 to 11-16 year olds.  This, together with the existing housing developments, will mean this secondary school is also nearing capacity, let alone with hundreds of new homes likely in the next 15 years.

We also know that both the Smeeton Road Health Centre and the Old School Surgery are at or nearing capacity.

SHLAA 2014 facts and figures

For the Kibworths, the number of new homes is estimated as follows:

0-5 years: 87
6-10 years: 552
11-15 years: 298
16+ years: 121

Grand Total: 1,058 (8% of the total required for the district) from 68.16 hectares.

For Great Glen, the number of new homes is estimated as follows:

0-5 years: –
6-10 years: –
11-15 years: 466
16+ years: 807

Grand Total: 1,273 (10% of the total required for the district) from 74.88 hectares.

For Billesdon, the number of new homes is estimated as follows:

0-5 years: 82
6-10 years: 164
11-15 years: –
16+ years: 39

Grand Total: 285 (2% of the total required for the district) from 14.48 hectares.
NOTE: Billesdon has a Neighbourhood Plan in force which only gives a target of 45 homes.