Kibworth allotments

Update March 2014

The s106 funding has been approved.  The condition to have the soil checked for heavy metals has been sorted after a specialist report by a soil analyst proved there were no risks.  The outstanding matter is to finalise the lease agreement with Merton College, the landowners.

Update 11 September 2013

The planning application (13/01027/FUL) submitted by the Joint Recreation Committee of the Kibworth Parish council was approved on 10 September.  There are some conditions which will need to be sorted such as a soil analysis, but the first hurdle has been resolved.  Apart from the conditions, the next big hurdle is the section 106 application for funding.

Kibworth Allotments

The Kibworth parish councils’ Joint Recreation Committee have been seeking potential sites for allotments in the Kibworth area for a couple of years.  A number of possibilities have not come to fruition despite a great deal of effort.

Now in May 2013 it appears that the search has finally been successful, with a piece of land identified and a lease currently being negotiated with the landowner.  A planning application will have to be be made this summer, and then a public meeting called especially for those who have either intimated they were interested in having an allotment or anybody new from Kibworth Beauchamp or Kibworth Harcourt who is interested, so please look out for news in the Kibworth & District Chronicle and on the Kibworth parish councils’ websites.

A meeting was organised by the KJRC for the evening of 7th June 2013 in Kibworth Grammar School Hall for people who had expressed an interest in a Kibworth allotment in 2011/12.  Members of both Kibworth Beauchamp and Kibworth Harcourt Parish Councils were also present. The meeting was chaired by Cllr Chris Holyoak in Cllr Barbara Freestone’s absence. This allotments interest group agreed to hold a private meeting to begin setting up an Allotments Association, agree rules and elect officers.